Joyride has been building mountain bike trails and innovating bike park design for decades, from flagging one of the first bike park trails at Whistler's Bike Park in 1997 to designing and building the course for Red Bull Joyride at Crankworx since 2011. With many successful projects under our belts, Joyride has expanded and is now Joyride Bike Parks Inc. Our expansion stresses our commitment to make a lasting influential impact in mountain bike trail and park creation.

Joyride Bike Parks flourishes from the experience of Paddy Kaye, who has one of the best resumes in the world of mountain bike trail building. Take a look at our Project Photos for a sampling of what we've done. Our Services page helps to outline the options. Joyride Bike Parks is involved with athletes, product and events as it pertains to making the best possible line. The dirt is waiting – we are here to transform it into an experience to put your resort or municipality on the mountain biking map!

We're active volunteers and contribute to our communities to ensure the sport we love and work within continues to grow. We're members of local cycling clubs and contribute trail building time in Rossland. We also help with trail maitenance in the Sea to Sky area including Vancouver's North Shore, Squamish, Whistler, and Pemberton. Each year members our crew donates time to dig at Whistler's municipal dirt jumps. We also help with local events like Rossland's Huck'en Berries Bike Jam Festival.


Paddy Kaye, President and VP of Operations:

Paddy needs introduction to few, as he is well known for his experience in the “lifestyle” industry. He is a star of event production, athlete management and product representation, as well as trail building. Paddy’s reputation as a trail builder is second only to his experience, which includes building the first trail in Whistler’s world renowned bike park over a decade ago, designing and building dozens of bike trails in North America for public use as well as high end bike park courses for world class events like the Red Bull Rampage and Crankworx. Paddy’s unique view into the cutting edge trends in mountain biking trail design are forged from his ability to see into the minds of the many athletes he has managed, his immersion into all things mountain bike and his many hours shaping the Earth.


Joyride Staff:

Joyride employs 10 full time trail builders seasonally. Each member of the crew contributes to Joyride's extensive skills and immeasurable talent, from designing and building trails and features, to operating machinery in extremely hazardous conditions. Our crew test rides everything we build from easy / intermetiate bike trails to massive jumps on the World's biggest competition courses. These guys are the key to Joyride's success.



Legendary Freerider Richie Schley on the trails designed and built by Joyride at Retallack Lodge,

"The terrain and the way they have build the trails, are great for several levels of rider. The trails aren’t at all steep, they are the perfect grade of steepness, that people like me have been preaching to trail builders for years. The fun comes in how fast you ride them and if you aren’t at that level, you can still ride them. They feel very natural for the most part, but have the corners man made and groomed just enough to not to notice, but make them rail-able. There are just enough machine made trails and jumps to get your jump experience, with out feeling like the trail could be just anywhere. The jumps are placed in natural spots and sections to make the experience have a lot of variety."


Red Bull athlete and three time FMB World Tour Champion Brandon Semenuk on Joyride's legacy,

"Paddy has been apart of several generations of MTBing, not only shaping trails and jumps for many years, but shaping the future of the sport and helping the sport progress to new levels."




Here's a vintage video that hints on the history Joyride has in the bike park industry, check it out: