Red Bull Joyride 2012

The new Joyride course is based on last year's layout and has been redesigned with feedback from the athletes... The jumps have all moved to address speed and a couple extra large hits will be added, including the cabin roof top drop. Construction began one week ago and the Joyride crew is flying! Stay tuned to our facebook page for daily photos and check back here for updates. 


multi-use trail works

As a growing business we've expanded our client list to include municipal goverments and community trail organizations in Western Canada. Some of our lastest projects have brought us out of the woods and into the streets to help design and develop multi use trails for active communities and non-motorised commuting. Turns out or experience building in the bush translates quite well to these low grade cruiser paths. Here's some photos from the Leroi Hollow trail project in Rossland BC, it's a historical zone where the train used to travel. Today it's a wonderful trail for the entire town to enjoy!


wood-mizer setting the new standard

Big news this week in the world of mountain bike trail building, JOYRIDE HAS A MILL!

Mark D and the crew set up our new wood-mizer portable saw mill on Red Mountain and began cutting cedar logs into bridge decking material. Joyride Bike Parks will never look back. The bridges are six feet wide and solid!

Sounds like the Red Mountain trail will be ready to ride any day now... more updates coming soon.



Pinkbike's Red Bull Joyride Highlight Video


Red Bull Joyride build is on schedule



Red Bull Joyride construction action continues in the Boneyard at Whistler's Bike Park. Stay tuned to our facebook page, where we've posted over 100 photos and more everyday.