Red Bull Joyride build is happening

Red Bull Joyride construction update. Today Mark, JJ and I met with Cody from Red Bull, Thomas Vanderham, and Brandon Semenuk on site at Whistler Mountain. The six of us laid out the course and dialed in the size and location for the ramps and landings. Construction is happening so make sure to follow the course build with daily photos on our facebook and twitter 

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Thats right, Red Bull Joyride is here

Big news earlier today on pinkbike where the annoucement for RED BULL JOYRIDE was offically released. This is a huge day for Joyride Bike Parks! Join our TWITTER or FACEBOOK page for course build updates...


Red Bull Joyride will anchor the final weekend of the Kokanee Crankworx Festival in Whistler B.C. delivering a slopestyle event designed for the athletes, by the athletes.

When handed the keys to the mountain, you best deliver the goods. Or go big trying. Prepare for Red Bull Joyride, the newly minted anchor event of the 2011 Kokanee Crankworx Festival, on Saturday, July 23, in Whistler, BC. Fusing elements of slopestyle, dirt jump and North Shore mountain biking, Red Bull Joyride will culminate into one gravity-fed, season-defining freeride mountain bike competition, the likes of which Whistler Mountain has never seen. 

Construction will begin at the base on May 1, on a course 100 percent inspired and designed by professional mountain bike athletes. While incorporating as much of the natural terrain as possible, the athletes conceived their ultimate playground, lined with gargantuan manmade features to showcase their skill and imagination. With so much talent in the room and passion on the table, we decided to capture the collaboration and design process.

For more info, articles and a continuing behind-the-scenes video series on the course build and athlete profiles, please visit 



More Rampage... 


Rampage highlites



Red Bull Rampage

It's September 6th and the Joyride build crew has begun the magic at the Red Bull Rampage site. We started laying out the project in 100-plus degree heat a few days ago and thankfully it's dropped into the low 90s now.

To see more images in our gallery, click here.

More build crew boys just showed up so now we're ready to give’r. We've figured out the wooden ramps and have begun to shape the landings and lines that link the features together.

Alan Lee, the land owner, has to be one of the coolest boys out there! He's plumbed in some water near the site and given us the freedom to create the 'superbowl' of mountain bike events.

The machines have been breaking - standard stuff like blowing a hose on the mini and dropping the tracks on the skiddy, fun times. Our commute to work has been awesome! Pinning it in Tomcars and getting the 4-mile desert rally done in under 10 minutes. We'll need to set up a photoshoot one of these days when we have more time, should get some banger shots.

More reports to come, time to go shaping!

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