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Trail Building

trail design and build projects are the core of our business

We work with resorts, municipalities, community organizations, tourism operators, and private land owners to design and build sustainable trail infrastructure. Joyride specializes with "signature trail" builds while working from the planning stage through to the finished product. Trail networks can be user specific or multi use, and be built by hand or machine.


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Track Building

Track design and build projects are the root of our business

We are leaders in our industry and build the World's biggest and most progressive tracks. We have been involved for over two decades working with elite athletes and supporting brands to shape our sport. These custom competition track builds translate very well to public tracks, as the lessons we learn form our work stream all the way through, from a mega ramp to a back yard pump track


Milling & Wood Products

Custom wood products are a by-product from our industry

We produce wood products for furniture makers and custom home builders using the trees we cut for tracks and trails. This is a growing side of our business and is allowing us to work as a team year round while creating a renewable resource from our projects..


risk assessment

Risk Assessment

counstulting service for developing and operating trails safely

As the number of trails and trail users grow, so do the risks. Applying our experience from over two decades of trail building we help clients assess potential risks and minimize situations that could have a negative effects. Our services range from safety plans for trail builders, trail signage specifications, assessments of design and trail layouts, as well as trail conditions and maintenance issues.



International Consulting

sharing our experience to grow our sport around the world

Lessons learned reflects our commitment to trail building excellence and growing our sport from actual experiences. We take these lessons and apply them to any trail in the World. We have a flat rate fee to visit international clients on location to assist with trail development projects. Please email us directly for more information on our international consulting services.

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